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by radhikapandit
Sep 8th, '14, 10:27
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Topic: Ethnic collections
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Re: Ethnic collections


I Found a very Beautiful Collection of Sarees and beautiful Salwar. The Products looks very amazing to wear at Functions. Thanks for sharing.
by radhikapandit
Aug 25th, '14, 11:17
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Topic: India traditional dresses
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Re: India traditional dresses

Indian clothing has been influenced by diverse cultural influences since time immemorial. The sari itself, historians say dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization which flourished in 2800-1800 BC, in the north-western part of India. I found very beautiful collection on your site. Thank you.
by radhikapandit
Aug 21st, '14, 12:11
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Topic: Pearl jewellery in Bhubaneswar.
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Re: Pearl jewellery in Bhubaneswar.

If you need to find a pearl jewellery or any type of jewellery to purchase i will suggest to find a returnfavors site a online store where you can buy i many products on jewelry's.
by radhikapandit
Aug 21st, '14, 11:56
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Topic: Are the Imitation jewellery good for health
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Re: Are the Imitation jewellery good for health


Not for all. Some women's have a allergy of jewelery like imitation or silver so that time try to wear a different jewelery like diamond and Gold. So all this depends on you.