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Posted: Sep 22nd, '14, 18:43
by smartsofthyd89
SmartSoft MLM Solutions Pvt. Ltd., A Ten years old software development company continuously working & providing 100% customized Software Solutions for MLM Industry in India & abroad. As a policy matter since the inception of the SmartSoft, we do Only MLM Software. Because we have seen the future and the real power of MLM and decided to work only for providing MLM Software Solutions to the upcoming companies in the MLM Industry. SmartSoft Consists of many professionals who are qualified to meet any challenges in the Industry and also proven the same during the past 9 years facing wide variety of clients across India and delivered hundreds of clients covering all types of plans, payouts systems in offline or online etc. Besides the above, The SmartSoft also equipped with the fire-fighting professionals to attend any time for the crisis management services. In the recent times, We have been accepting many take-over projects. The take over projects are like, a running Direct Selling Company having spurious software solutions, hang up situations, interrupted services, inaccurate calculations etc, will approach us for a better software solutions. In the world of direct selling, only a few companies can lay claim to such impressive longevity. And since cookware is found in every department store and discount chain, 100 years of selling it direct to consumers is even more notable. Smart Soft recognized Regal Ware’s longevity with its Half Century Club Award at its 2010 annual meeting. Read more at