Suggestion regarding the forum

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Little Oriya
Little Oriya
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Suggestion regarding the forum

Post by prashant »


I got this forum while searching about orissa.

There are few improvements which I think are obvious for this discussion forum.

1. There are lot of categories and forums in the forum. But the main problem is none of them are frequently used. The main problem lies there. Try to make the discussion board small and tidy.

2. Give a unique design to the website. This looks like a normal PHPBB forum.

3. While I was searching for orissa, I got this forum in the 2nd or in third page. There are many users which are idle. Start contributing from your side. Like stories, link, news etc.

These are few of my suggestions.


Suggestion regarding the forum



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Website Team
Website Team
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Re: Suggestion regarding the forum

Post by Sukanya »

Hi Prashant,

Hope things have improved by this time.
I will try to respond to your suggestions:

1- It's the users who will make the forum busy. And we have added all possible sections so that one need not wait for us to create a section and then post.

2- We tried to make it look like standard forum only. If you have a better design in mind, please share with us. Definitely we will consider it.

3- Same as point#1 above, we the Odia's need to particitipate more in the activities online.

Let's know what all members think here...
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