New industry concept and employment

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New industry concept and employment

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New industry concept and employment

Laborer and owner concept - We may draw the reformation upon the evolutionary laborer & owner concept in worldwide society. Laborer word or designation is not the matter, but social discrimination is a matter .Manipulation & humiliation is the factor. Despite & differentiate between man to man is the fact.

Day to day we are inventing new thing in every field for our needs for batter convenient living. So now we can also invent a new concept for production, productivity & prosperity of the world, because people are going to be educated .They will realize the fact. Now we discuss below how employee management concept will be possible in every field of the world. We may take industry for discussion.

Existing industrial law- In existing practice, an industry is running by maximum technical & general contractual laborers. They can also manage the plant by employee management concept by the initiative of reformer .Industrial new law can be framed as suitable to public.

Procedures for reformation- Worldwide reformers or initiators of employee management industry will open the registration office for advertising & making necessary papers for industry. Those who will be interested to join such employee management concept both technical & general, they will be registered their name in that office. After fulfill the minimum requirement of working strength ,the reformer & initiator will call a general body meeting for details discussion about the concept ,finance ,mission ,vision ,product ,land ,marketing ,administration salary ,profit share ,facility ,punishment ,comply to legislative etc .

Unanimously one management will be framed to run the factory in general body meeting. We draw a figure of selection procedure of management as below.

Managing Body - So all the initial management body will be changed between (5 +1+1) years, and it will be regulated latter on. Beside to initial director, all directors will be returned to theirs parental department. Profit share will be distributed equally among employee along with managing Director, but remuneration will be paid as per qualification & experience. The entire dispute will be settled among employee & employee management. There will no worker, so there will no trade union. Following points may be remarked for future reformation in every field.

1-All employees will responsible for profit & loss.
2-All employees will take risk.
3-Meeting will be conducted as per their convenient.
4- Balance sheet will be declared as per provision.
5- World wide Governments will be frame the law for benevolence of public.
6-Employee management can avail finance as per new law.
7-Land will avail easily, because land owner will become entrepreneur.
8-Earth is full of mines & mineral.
9-Core & core people will be engaged through employee management system in metal & mineral mines all over the world with fulfill the requirements of country & state economy. Circulation of money would be impact same value upon total world economy, and it will become decentralize of money & improve the living standard of common people.
10-World wide Governments will be framing the laws for operates the mines & mineral by employee management system. Details of laws will be come forth through Gazette.
11-Slowly laborers’ concept will be disappeared, and work & characteristic will be prevailed in people thought.
12- There are so many fields to shows individual dignity or braveness or courage for fulfill the others existence, for which one mind will be directed to realize the God.
13-Any mischievous, objectionable & indiscipline act of any employee of industry will be settled as per domestic inquiry procedure base on code of conduct & freedom to be given to proposed accused for full defend against his allegation. Guilty person will be allowed for anomaly before directory board.

Scope to be framed that one may also go to Judicial for justice against domestic inquiry by own strength.

Worldwide attraction intelligent people would think about new industrial concept and set an instance practically amongst unemployed youths ,then it would became familiar in our and worldwide society.

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Madhu Sudana Parida
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New industry concept and employment



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Re: New industry concept and employment

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Really nice concept. I like this plan.

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