shame on us oriyas

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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by myorissa »

Dear Friends
I think we should not bother about those oriya. Every where you will find this type of people.
Let us do something to develope good Image of Orissa in a strong unity, ofcourse there should not be dirty politics.
Otherwise that will make harrashment to those Oriya friend who really think good about Orissa . Lets leave those shamed Oriya friends for realising.
Lets first of all think, what we can do ? Lets starts from a small unity ? Please time has come now .............

Re: shame on us oriyas



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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by aahwaan »

I do really agree with your views that there are some people in not only Bangalore but everywhere outside Odisha who feel ashamed to introduce them selves to be from Odisha. But dear, this is the era of advertisement and if you do not tell in high terms about urself who is going to buy your idea. Similar is the situation with Odisha.

If we people did not talk high about our land and language why someone would try to know who we are. Many people may not be aware that a few years back the tourism department of West bengal government published a catalogue where they showed that Puri is in West Bengal. And all our government did was send a message across and the WB govt silently acknowledged that sans removing the statement from their catalog.

There needed a revolution against this. I am unsure about this but one friend from Puri told us that there is a growing need of people to learn Bengali in Puri than Odia because more bengali tourists visit this pilgrim city. If we lose the essence of our land how do we succeed in promoting our own land and language.

There are people who are there who are quitely listening to what is happening but would not dare come up and speak and it is because of those people we suffer. We have been trying our best to keep our own land and language on a high place but more than inspiration, people of our own state become competitors and start demoralising you by various means and some people do not even feel bad to speak bad of ourselves in front of others. Such people are not rare to find. We need to educate our own society first and then only we can educate others about us.

Let's be proud of being a Odia.

I have been trying to publicise Odia at the global level for more than ten years by various Odia websites and one of them which is very famous is, and now I am publishing a Odia e-News Portal

Please feel free to visit the sites and give your feedbacks.

Dr Jyoti Prasad Pattnaik, MBBS,DMCH, PGDHM
Founder, Editor, Web Master "Aahwaan"

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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by asimadash »

hey friends,

I believe the topic has made some of U feel embarrassed but we should not avoid the real thoughts n reasons behind this topic.We all say we r proud to be oriyas but how many of us really work towards doing something for orissa which will make our state proud of us?.....

We'll see our comforts....we study, then work outside orissa or even get established there n when we visit we have only complaints to make..."we dont have this, we dont have that"...

Guys working /studying outside Orissa gives us ample scope to know other ppl,their culture n to learn what makes them better than us.If we can use a fraction of this knowledge to bring about some changes in orissa ,then tht will be THE REAL PRIDE .

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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by Sukanya »

Everything has a bad side in it. And i think this topic is to make us realize what's bad in ourselves, as odias.
With whole lot of educated mass, I am hopefull that our state's image is improving continuously.
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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by bparimanik »

Everyone gave their opinion on others behaviour , but no one thought of Orissa.. Who made this type of Orissa ... No one... we are resposible for it.... It's Better not to think of others but to do something so as to make Orissa a proud State..... Everyone is moving out of Orissa in search of jobs ...I too in Bangalore
Then One day will come when we will be feeding other states only, our state will be left alone... Do something we should stay in our state.. Let others come to our state...
If we think that about others then who will do for our state... I dont have much idea abt people but i know that we can do something if we want....

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oriyas have to be proud to say that we are oriyas.

Post by B_Sahoo »

nice topic! i think all the participants have expressed their thoughts in their own way. what should we do for this? i think, we oriyas have to be proud to say we are oriyas.

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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by Debashis »

Dear all,
I read your comments on how Odiya people are perceived by non-odiya people outside Odisha. It's somewhat true. We can find some great individual achievements by Odiyas outside Odisha but we have failed as a society to project our rich heritage outside Odisha in proper light. For example, can we find any match to the diversity and richness of Odiya food, anywhere on this earth? No. My job demands me to travel a lot. I have travelled to Bihar, Maharastra, Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Now I am in North America. Friends nowhere I could find the same taste. We have some great tourist spots in Odisha, but due to lack of awareness outside Odisha they lack regular tourists. I suggest to take some steps. We, the people of Odisha in this forum can take some action to improve our image outside Odisha. I am willing to contribute. If anyone truly interested then please mail me on my email ID ( By the way, Odiya people are not lazy at all. Odiyas are the most sought after employees in many organisation due to their honesty and hardwork. But Odiya people are not as agressive as Biharis, UPwallahs and North Indians. We lack that aggressiveness and zeal to progress as a society.

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Re: shame on us oriyas

Post by tapu »

i really like this article..Being an odia i always felt underprivileged and backward,also realized oriya's ashamed to recognize themselves.Even i used to one of them.
i used to roam around bihari and punjabi guys as i believe they are smart and rich.Things get around when i was humiliated and embarrassed. later i when i met my senior oriya guys in banglore i realized how important it is show your culture and let the world know how cultured and civilized we will not find any junior showing so much respect,using words "bhai or apana" so affectionately.
As long as we are shy from our culture,we will continue to fall economically and socially.i even noticed racism in my office.learn from germans and french and even check punjabi and marathi guys how united they are.

so i urge you guys never let down orissa bcoz at the end you are letting down yourself.i know we can`t give anything back but atleast we can make proud orissa with our attitude.
At the end of day we are known as most tolerant and hospitable people as addressed by our governor Mr.bhandare.
If any oriya guys need help or any favour...reply me...i would be happy to do that.!!! :D
Jay jaggannath .

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