How concerner are we about Odisha

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How concerner are we about Odisha

Post by aahwaan »

Most of the people who are in countries other than India are there for either jobs or because their sons and daughters are there.

And jobs means money, these people earn a lot. And it is because of the land that they were born and bought up, but it is sad to see that some people do not wish to return to their roots telling that this is unnecessary and there is lack of opportunity here. Of course there is lack of opportunity here but what with people like you having much money, wishing to settle for more in big cities than come to the state and begin a new concern here.

I would love to see these high earning professionals to return to India and create companies to engage our students so that no more people will go out of India in search of jobs. How many of you really would care to do that.

Remember for these people there is a lot of opportunities here, for establishing industries, educational institutes and I think availablitiy of dedicated workers is unlimited too.

So please come and settle here in Odisha and make it a perfect place for people.

Dr Jyoti Prasad Pattnaik, MBBS,DMCH, PGDHM
Founder, Editor, Web Master "Aahwaan"

How concerner are we about Odisha



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Re: How concerner are we about Odisha

Post by oriyasinoman »

Thank you so much for this important topic you have raised to the forum. And your concern.

You are hundred percent correct that all Oriyas who are NRIs have left the homeland and now staying in abroad definitely for money or higher education.
Sometimes their parents have come to visit the foreign countries alongwith their son / daughter.

They all must come back to Orissa (our home land) someday or other.

As far as growth / development is concerned we all are responsible for this state of Orissa.

We all love ORISSA our own state. we must do something for the growth of orissa.

We all NRIs will be back to our ROOT undoubtedly.

Now I am in Oman. I too look forward to settle my loans and go back to Orissa to start some business there.

We will meet again.

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