New feature of education

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New feature of education

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New feature of education to reduce repulsion intelligent and foolishness.

Education- The way which facilitate one to know how to save own and other existence in normal and diverse situation maintaining with contemporary demands by doing and discerning is known as education.

Spirituality-To know the temperament function beyond organs systems within one and universe for feeling happiness is spirituality.

Courses of study- To know about the function .property and utility of matters and materials are courses of studies.

Matter and materials- Having physical structure of any substance is material .Activities or function of material is matter in form of feeling or verbal or written.

Temperaments- Function of temperaments or sensation is connecting with every physical activities of living and non-living .In case of man every temperament is felt in mind. Then there is a temperaments world behind the seen world.

A-Temperaments are generally two parts for man – One is attraction
Other is repulsion (Including foolishness).
B-Attraction makes self and other happy.

But repulsion (including foolishness) makes self and other unhappy.

Education- To know means knowledge. Implementation of knowledge is intelligence. Intelligence is connecting to active brain cells. As per medical science intelligence is vary due to following causes.
As per medical science in brain mechanism there are gyri and sulci (folding and depression of minute billions nervous cells) for various purpose known as cerebral cortex (like hear, see, smell, recall, intelligence etc) in both right and left cerebral hemisphere in the name of lobes which facilitate to nurturing the outside impulses and creating various thoughts. Exactly hormonal system (gland system) in human body is also help to co-coordinating the activities of human body cooperating with nervous system.
That means brain mechanism is physical machine ,and impulses are the natural resources for producing thoughts, physical activities(any work ,angry,laugh,cry,sex,fight,afraid,run,talk etc.), storing, spontaneous generating thought without outside impulses and reciting of memory etc.Therefore cells of brain of various zone are having different potentiality to retaining and discharging of processing impulses, and discharging of various processing impulses from gyri feel in a media is called mind which is relating to the potentiality and character of man or on the other word potentiality of man. It is clear that a temperament media which flow over all brain cells through out the brain that is called mind. But mind has spontaneous flow and can receive every processing impulse as per its’ choice from brain cells at any time (in sleeping time also) and makes feel ones accordingly as per every one realization. Choice of mind means concentrate of type of impulses or thoughts floating on it. One is reacting to every impulse coming form outside depends upon type of concentrate of thoughts floating in mind .This is the measuring scale of attraction intelligent or repulsion intelligent or foolishness as well as happy and unhappy feeling.
However, intelligence is also being affected by the temperaments flow of mind .Temperaments of mind means the instinct and habit of one. Instinct and habit is main key to making differentiate to receive the knowledge in same environment. Instinct and habit comes from traits of chromosome. Traits of chromosome can be changed by two ways.

A-One is getting attraction impulses from outside.
B- Second is creating “Holy” vibration within one.
Attraction impulses-Nature and natural laws are positive discharging unit. But repulsion intelligent and foolishness are utilizing these in negative way means against ‘life and growth’ .Therefore impulses for life and growth (from inside and outside) is attraction impulses.
A-Life- is consisting of existence, consciousness, mind.various temperaments, organs systems and anatomy.
B-Growth – is over all psycho-physical development in connection with thoughts, physique financial and social.
Holy vibration within one- Simple way to create “Holy “ vibration within one is to remember “Holy Statue” of own community’s Ideal at junction of two eyes and root of the nose regularly with highest adherence ,and created “Holy “ vibration stimulates to pineal gland.
Education (school, college, university, training, motivation programme etc.) and attraction impulses-Courses and imparting of any subject is itself the attraction impulses, but then also poverty and ignorance grasping to maximum people of the world than attraction intelligence and prosperity.
Because only impulses of perpetual truth of any subject in class room or in practical field of society can not activate the dormant brain cells properly relating to foolishness, and also can not breaks the repulsion bonds in chromosome. Therefore a magnetic Holy current is needed to active the dormant cell or beaks the repulsion bonds in chromosome which is produced by vibrating of pineal gland ,and pineal gland is vibrate by chanting of “Holy Name” of any community along with remember to “Holy Statue” of own Ideal of own community with biggest adherence.

Natural resources (any other form) and valuation – Total valuation of direct natural resources along with utilization form (food, shelter, technology etc.) divided with total world wide population (adults and children) is known statistic record to every one. Then also why poverty and ignorance is being prevailed in world wide society?

Lacuna on poverty and ignorance-Only lacuna is temperament of mind or flow of mind or character for which one can not receive to the attraction impulses or lack of facilitating of attraction impulses.
That’s why to improve the potentiality of brain spiritually education is needed to change the repulsion intelligent or foolishness to attraction or attraction intelligence?

Result are–
A-Help to proper utilize of human potentiality and natural resources for prosperity and refined society.
B- Draw a real improvement of mental, social, physical and financial condition among maximum people of the world.
C- Improve the potentiality to know the repulsion and foolishness act within self and society.
D- Reduce violence, war, exploitation, manipulation, corruption, humiliation and extremist governance system or autocratic governance system.
E- Establish harmony, distinctiveness and liberty among world people.
F- Vital is to know the purpose of born.
G- Improve the self dependent culture and entrepreneurship.
H- Make coordination among world wide attraction people.
I - Blow a perpetual thought about life and growth.
J- Every social concept related to politics, economy.goverance system, industry, cultivation, trading and service will be refined.
K- Can not motivate easily to foolish for sacrifice existence, time, production and productivity in sentimental social concept.

Courses of study and imparting procedure from primary to research classes of any subject for spiritually education as follows.-
From Kg 1 to 2-
A- Demonstration of prayer as per own community ritual in mother language.
B- Recite of prayer individually.
C- Demonstration of worship through portrays.
D- Play of worship (false) inside or outside of classroom.
E- Show of animation about role of GOD.

From STD 1 to 3-
A- Silence prayer as per own community remember to own community Ideal.
B- Kids story on kindness, Ignorance and intelligence.
C- Essay on one’s practical kindness, ignorance and intelligence work in daily life.
D- Show of animation about role of GOD.
From STD 4 to 5-
A- Prayer as per own community ritual and meditation.
B Mean of prayer.
C- What is Ignorance?
D- What is Intelligence?
E-Help to other, respect to other, cooperate to other, coordination, friendship.
F- Value of time. One’s life time, Utilization of time, schedule of time,
H- Childhood video of world wide prominent people.

From STD 6 to 7-
A Prayer and prayer effect in scientific way.
B- What is consciousness?
C- What is knowledge?
D-What is intelligence?
E- What is courage?
F- What is ashamed or fear?
H- Teen age video of braveness and courage of world wide prominent people.

From STD 8 to 10-
A- Prayer and meditation.
B- Micro mechanism of man in scientific way and role of pineal gland,
C- Why one is less sensitive to outside impulses and remedy for it?
D- Real social scenario on poverty, ignorance and rich through video.
E- Own profession and social dignity.
F- Real liberty, life and growth.
G- Video on struggle for achievement of world wide prominent people, but not violence or aggressive way for achievement.

In +2 (science, art or commerce)-
A How Prayer and meditation can help one to make concentration in goal?
B- Merit and demerit of sex, physique, defiance, aggressive competition, obscure thought, fiction etc.
C- Own life and play of profession.
F- What is own interest for making profession.
G- Environmental facilitation, family economy and destination.
H- Video of great personality and theirs goal in diverse situation.

Diploma or Degree –
A- Spiritual life and happiness.
B- How to cross the distraction.
C- Management and living Ideal principle.
D- Unemployment and unhappy.
E- Unemployment and animosity offer.
F- Marriage reformation and offspring.
G- Refined society and marriage reformation.
H-Happiness and own profession.
I-How to recognize own repulsion thought in professional life.
J- Familiar life and divinity.
K-Video of worldwide leaders, inventors, prominent administrators and entrepreneurs,

A perpetual thought or attraction intelligent people would adjust own complexes in meaningful way to make self-equilibrium, and exactly such thought will be implement own profession which will draw a balance socio-economy in every field of world wide society.

Qualification parameter of course maker, teacher and interview board–
Perpetual religious, social and familiar people having minimum educational qualification may frame the course or teach to student or select teacher for teaching for reduce the world wide repulsion intelligence and foolishness.

Author –
Madhu Sudana Parida
International Integration Bond (NGO)
Email ID-

New feature of education



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Re: New feature of education

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